So I decided that instead of let a bad meme thread misinforms our users, specially the young ones I decided is better to make a proper one with Open Source/Libre Software and Hardware in the community and bring up attention to it, of course at the same time I require if you could both ++ this to help it up so new users can see it and also for you guys to help out informing us about such projects if you came around,now to the point:
For me I can at least comment that seems RISC and POWER may make a new come back as fully open source hardware without any kind of close sourced drivers and such, right now Im only aware of this platforms:
RISC based:

There is only 1 motherboard Im aware is sold commercially to big companies and is quite recent, mostly after the whole New EU law about data breaches and such so yeah, Its rather wicked expensive and not for your average joe:

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