DataDevNerd (ofc down to hardware bits)
Briefly blending amoung holiday tech consumers at Micro Center waiting for key-holder assistance @SSDs.

Rando: "they finally have a sale on *X, rebranded, price++* for my *ref'd only by part names* setup! What are you getting?"

Me: "replacement SSD, laptop's finally failing"

Rando: "Yeah, I totally get you, I hate that. How old is it? Hopefully you got a couple years outta it?"

Me: "over 7yrs old."
Rando: "Wow! Mustve not used it too much, still that's pretty long."

Me: "Actually, it's been my primary device, heavily used, as I'm a dev. I just know what/when to use SSD vs the HDD."

Rando: "Duuude, that's awesome!...wait...why haven't you just bought a new laptop yet?"

Me: "I'm not for hardware abuse or burning money"

I was quickly reminded why I tend to avoid typical consumer tech stores.

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    Yeah. Their replies are boring and inaccurate

    Hard drives don't fail that fast anyway

    My old desktop I put in my closet due to unrelated reasons apparently still can play 98% of games, never had a failed HDD, and is 9 years old

    Lotta companies like putting in software that will make the hardware feel slow when they're trying to sell you a new device though
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    Fully agree... it's why I dont tend to use things I didnt have a large role in creating and comprehension of why everything's doing/running whatever. Right now I'm rewriting my windows install scripts for a few reasons... its way too tedious to go through removing all that shit i dont want ... esp since u have to override the fake admin settings to valid administrator rights before starting and with most BIOS nowadays if you restart at the wrong time... then it starts some bs auto repair because your config isnt wearing a padded suit so something must be wrong

    Due to a bs ISP issue that i plan ranting about soon... i need every device to always have ipv6 not exist... linux kernels are much more friendly to writing out things like that... windows wants to move your desktop files to onedrive and replace them with links like an alien assimilation movie.
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