Upgraded work PC to a SSD. Can't believe the difference it made. It's like a new computer.

Only trouble is, now I can't blame the computer for my slow work...

Maybe I can blame the RAM from now on.

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    I dont agree with you.

    I am using ssd with a linux system on it and results are far better than what you are saying.

    Dont allow your biase to distort the realities.
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    @T-Hammer no...NTFS is just the file system on the drive. HDD used NTFS as well. The reason an SSD is faster is because there is no disk, no moving parts in order to rotate and read data from, an SSD is a type of flash memory with near RAM speeds. While a file system can help a little the real bottle neck is the physical hardware.
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    @T-Hammer dude, are you 12?
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    @T-Hammer 10/10
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    What did @T-Hammer say?
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    @Krokoklemme it was some nonsense about file system change having more effect than SSD vs HHD.
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    @xios something along the lines of:

    "Can't touch this. Stop. T Hammer time"
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