Google Translator is based on a complex machine learning system, that's why we can safely say that Google Translator is one of the best translators that you could use

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    Because people don't want to type "don't" Google has learned it wrong :(
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    Well, mostly it uses statistics so errors that are a statistical majority will be the suggested ;)

    But for plain just to understand translation its better than any other I have tried even if some translations can be a bit peculiar.
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    @Voxera It's far from having as many languages available as Google Translate, but DeepL might be a nice contender in the near future:

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    What makes Google superior to everyone else is the vast amount training data they have.

    But looks nice :)
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    @Jilano "oh A new alternative to google stuff, lets check it out I sure hope its open source: "
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    I like how it says "inglese" :D
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    @Bl00D4NGEL I'm Italian, and sometimes I just want to check if the way I wrote a sentence is right (accents, words...)
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    @HAlex it's all good mate :) it kinda just sounds like the pronunciation of some Indian scammer
    Mai inglese is Nat so gud
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    @Bl00D4NGEL ahahah

    Sir, sir no, do u see the code, Kan u plis red it?
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    @legionfrontier You have to be careful with this picture because we can only see "absolutely" without clicking on it ;)
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    @Jilano Well Im unaware since I never used the phone version, web browser/client only here
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    @legionfrontier Here you go. I was a bit confused at first:
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    I use it all the time
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    I regularly use Google Translate for this, but it occasionally makes mistakes and distorts words. This is especially true for a serious translations, so I avoid using it for them. I recently discovered some useful source for translation from english to zulu https://translate.com/english-zulu/ And it helps me in translation and allows me to get a high quality translation.
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