So I've been using Visual Studio and I'm really starting to get pissed off at the key combinations.

Like Ctrl+K+Ctrl+D

Just to auto format code. So I'm now thinking of speeding up my workflow by using AutoHotKey which by the way is the best thing ever invented.

If anyone uses VS and is interested in me sharing the ahk script then let me know. I just feel like pressing 4 keys for simple tasks is just a waste of time and easy to forget.

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    Hold control, tap k, tap d, tap s. 4 keys and you are formatted and saved.
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    Autoformat is "ctrl+f, e" for me. You cab chose different profiles and still change it.
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    @gorsamp or I could use a macro key and it's all done for me without fiddling about with bindings. There's no practicality in having complicated bindings.
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