Lets make animated fractal pattern that spins and resizes I said. It'll be a fun and easy way to brush up on raw javascript and to try html5 canvas I said.

Provides a lot more learning opportunities than I had thought :)

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    I am assuming you went in thinking it's a bunch of shapes on a screen and quickly realised just how much maths is involved.
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    @nblackburn Spot on! :) I started using an array to keep track of all the objects. Then I realized I need to keep track of their relationships and sizes relative to each other to get scaling right. And even then it's rounding errors creating 1px mispositioning since layer 2 cant be 1/2 of the firsts objects size of for example 111px. But since it's just a pastime project it's kind of fun to take my time and think it through properly.
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