So, my goal for 2023 was to survive it without a burnout. I spent 8 months on sick leave with nearly constant migraines (approximately 25 days a month, episodes lasting the whole day). I guess I'm kinda wondering did I succeed in my goal or not...?

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    Sorry for what you're going through. Have you considered smoking weed? if yes, have you done it?
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    @SidTheITGuy nah, that be illegal over here. And I'm preeeetty sure I'm in that risk group for weed induced psychosis with my genetic lottery luck. I have considered CBD though.

    I'm currently using these new biological meds. Along with my other 9 regular meds. But not much help so far. :'< At least I live in a country where I don't go bankrupt over it. :D
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    Acupuncture is what saved an acquaintance of mine from massive migraines.
    In any case, I hope 2024 treats you better!
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