I almost died of hypothermia as a kid. My drunk grandpa went out to drink even more with his friends, forgetting about me and leaving the stroller with me sleeping out there on the street. It was negative forty-two degrees Celsius. I was one year old.
I made it, but developed an awful pneumonia. By some kind of miracle, I made it again, but at the expense of becoming a really weak kid. I had two more pneumonias during high school, plus one case of sinusitis.
Told my grandma I got ear pain in the morning. We went to our local clinic. The doctor there said I have to be hospitalized RIGHT NOW, otherwise it might turn into a life-threatening meningitis. By the time we’re in the hospital, the pain is already unbearable. My vision becomes blurry and dark, I hear my pulse in my head, I lose the sense of time. At that point I’m laying on the hospital bed, motionless, quietly sobbing while the terrible pain is swallowing me, a tiny kid, whole.
I’ll never forget the sound of a sinusitis needle crushing through a porous bone inside my head. A glass worth of pus rushing out. The pain immediately going away.
All that because of one man addicted to alcohol. This is why I don’t drink.

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    I was scared of Russia already to begin with, that -42 Celsius just confirmed all of my fears.

    This is why I don't mess with russians or australians, can't really harm someone from either place, they are used to far harsher worlds
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    @AleCx04 it is -7 Celsius there right now. Climate change, I guess. Winters used to be way colder.

    What about Finns though? Russians once did try to mess with them. Didn't end well.
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    @kiki Most of the Finnish people I know are usually teddybears, but you got a good point
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