I just want a goddamn option to “Never trust this computer. Never trust *any* computer” when I plug in my phone to charge.

Also, only got an hour of sleep. No idea why.

But woke up to find an emergency alert that we’re in flash flood territory, so that’s exciting.

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    fucking hell, I hope you make it through this.
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    Do you get some popup when you plug in the USB cable? I don't. There's just a notification in the notification drawer if I want to enable file transfer.
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    @electrineer Every fucking time.
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    @SidTheITGuy Flash flood warning’s been downgraded to just a flood advisory, so all good. ❤️
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    My OnePlus did charging by default, and you had to click on the charging notification to change it to something else.
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    * Get some sleep if you can, put your bed on a raft if that's an option. If not get an evac.
    * Stop plugging in phone to a computer and use a simple charger. Problem solved.
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