Do you think dropping off in person your resume to companies have slight edge or not? If you did drop off your resume how did you do it?

Specially in big companies like amazon or other big companies?

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    I got an amazon prime sticker, after getting beat up by drones and security, then got escorted out on a segway. The amazon frontpage now always suggest me bandages.

    On a serious note, does Amazon even have any comparable working spaces or offices like google where one really can just "walk in"?
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    @JoshBent so you’re saying that it is a complete waste of time to drop off your resume in a company? And it does not give you a slight edge to others?
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    @rui725 I would see it as an annoyance, why would it make you any better than others, theres application channels for that, why clutter somebodies day imho that would have to redirect your CV or whatever to the samr channels anyway (if hes nice).
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    This is what I have learned: every company is different. I still don't understand why you have to write them a sickly sweet love (cover) letter, when they won't bother with a personal response should they reject you.

    I don't think the larger companies like Amazon or Facebook care if you drop it off, but smaller companies might, especially if you are caught being friendly to people as you do. I guess it's a form of social engineering.
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