I've just noticed there are dogs available as pet too now.
No wolves available though unlike big cat.

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    That's what I was thinking.
    Dogs have been domesticated by humans for centuries.
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    @Alice Can't ++ enough. Cows are ❤
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    @irene They are the sweetest, most humble creatures on Earth.
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    @irene To each, their own. I love them and buffalos too :)
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    @irene Lemme rephrase. I love animals ❤
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    Is that a pug available for 1,200++?

    Also, why is the white cat more expensive than all the other colour cats?
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    New avatar batch is next on my list, which will include more pets, desk items/arrangements, socks as a separate layer, and some other fun things, and maybe some random ridiculous items for 50k++, 100k++, etc for our veterans to keep leveling up
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    @Torbuntu Yeah you do. Been practicing? What's your record now?
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