Ik was helping a friend and needed quick a dev environment. Great, github codespaces to the resque! Fast dev environment with vscode editor online running a debian container. Perfect. But then it happened: "You're at 100% of your included usage for this billing period. For more information, view your billing settings.".

I can't access my source files anymore. Fuck, it was so much research

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    TL;DR: data sovereignty is important, don't give it away for 'ease'

    And this is why you never never never never should trust greedy ass assholes Like mickeysoft with your code.

    Using FOSS and keeping it on YOUR hardware and YOUR systems and YOUR repositories is thé only guarantee you have ownership of your code at all times.

    I'm sorry you got fucked in the ass by mickeysoft today @retoor.
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    That's vscode for ya, furtively munching at your resources mercilessly like a fat hog
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    @NeatNerdPrime I chose the cloud environment because my laptop needed a reinstall and I didn't have docker on it yet. I have to find out if I can access them again in future. Don't know how it works
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    @kobenz vscode till I die!

    Edit: come to dem matrix!
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    @retoor just joined 🤙🏻
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