Display quality is a realm where Apple's options are straight up bargains, the cheapest thing to exist.
All I want is a display that ticks all the boxes: it has true blacks (probably OLED), high PPI (more than 200), high refresh rate (more than 120 hz), and good enough colors for graphic design. At $2,499, MacBook Pro 16 is an offering no one can touch.

I'm yet to find an external display that can match it. Gaming displays that have the refresh rate lack in color fidelity and PPI. Designer displays with good colors are almost all IPS and are all 60 hz.

Even if this godforsaken external display exists, it sure as hell costs more than 2.5k, and it doesn't even come with one of the best laptop CPU/GPU there is.

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    Im thinking, get the raw Mac display on ebay and find a driver board for it and diy that shit!
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    You mean $999 which is the real price without the Apple tax of 60%.
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    >> apple
    >> Best laptop CPU and GPU

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