Net neutrality is tyranny disguised as freedom.
Anti-net neutrality is freedom that is wrongly perceived as greed and tyranny.

Who pushes the net neutrality agenda? The same companies who spy on you, emasculate and degenrate society, pro-big government.

Yes ISP's are monopolistic and greedy. But it can change and it will change once the market is truly free from government regulations who nurtured the monopolies in the first place. Just be patient.

Governments can't rule society forever. Freedom is stronger. Civilization moves forward to Minarchism, then to Anarchism.

Long live the free market

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    Haha that's a nice joke.
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    Go ahead and laugh. The worse people will do is assume you're crazy for laughing at your phone. Besides, it's difficult not to laugh at an anti net neutrality joke :D
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    Make me fair by force or I won’t be fair.
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    Sorry but I'd rather not give isp's and hosting companies the power to decide what a user can get with or without paying extra.
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