@linuxxx should use sign his rants using PGP so we can be sure that its him and not @theNSA

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    But even the how can we be sure it's @notTheNsa pretending to be @linuxxx when @theNSA probably already has the capability to grab his keys? D:

    (dammit there used to be a user called not the nsa can't remember how to spell their name :P)
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    @notNSA @DLMousey
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    Some users are unique enough to be identified.
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    @CWins True that! For example, if I say: someone using unique yet imaginative swear words, you should be able to know who that is!
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    If @linuxxx is secretly @theNSA I am fucked
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    @linuxxx like this rant, but how can we be sure its him since we have no PGP signed ++? Who am I, what am I doing, do I even exists if I can not sign myself with PGP? 🤔
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