dear anyone looking to teach kids programming (especially organizations):

- please be realistic. teach things your students can use. how to debug, how to solve realistic, real-world problems. not how to make a turtle draw a circle, that's not programming.

- please don't have blocks. just don't. they hurt.

- focus on your content instead of putting up posters on the wall with celebrities talking about the importance of programming

- don't call it 'code,' call it 'program.' do you know how different muggles think they are?

- please teach in a logical order. too many times have I seen commands --> functions --> variables/variable types --> then back to functions and return types.

- don't set an appropriate "age" to do it. please. its enough for people to learn to program, but to be told they're too "old" for a course? I can't tell you how many forgetful seniors and special needs students have been insulted. and don't even get me started on being too young. knowledge is knowledge, skill is skill, ability is ability.

- teach concepts with programming. don't separate them. they work better when they're taught together.

- understanding is more important than style. for beginners, fuck style. all of your program could be all on one line for fucks sake. I've had teachers chose style > functionality, because, fuck working programs, right?

- let your content speak for itself. this is not the place for celebrity endorsements.

- give resources for after a lesson is complete. when a beginner is finished, recommend more resources. you're never done learning.

most of these were things code.org did wrong. fuck them. I was in a constructive criticism mood today…

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    How, pray tell, do people teach functions then variables? I mean, a function is a variable for good gosher's goodness sake
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    Thank you. THIS is what I have been saying to my HS friends who are taking those fucking AP CS classes. That if they want to learn how to program, they need to focus on the concepts, how they go together, and how to improve upon them.

    Which is sure as shit is what they are not learning in those fucking AP CS classes.
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    You forgot the most important thing: make it fun. Otherwise you'll be teaching 0 students soon.

    I'm also not sure about the Celeb posters. Programming needs to be cooler in the public mind
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    @Huuugo when you're forced to get a tech credit in school fun isn't the priority

    plus, when a company is so desperate to create a better self image to the point where they have to put those posters on the wall, it really says a lot about the rest of their company. maybe code.org should focus more on their content?!?!
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    @SoulSkrix but for a class, fun shouldnt deter learning. and in my opinion, it is less fun than the usual alternative. and besides, there's no reason kids should get into programming at such a young age.
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