a message to code.org

- the fact that you have celebrities back your organization does not mean your content is good

- making highschoolers (>14 years old) ask yes or no questions for a week is NOT helping them 'understand' binary, ITS JUST FUCKING DEGRADING

- all of your curriculum is useless. fucking useless. you're and 'organization' dedicated to getting children into programming. SO WHY THE FUCK DO YOU GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO MAKE EVERYTHING WE'RE TAUGHT USELESS. the app lab is js but NOT ON A WEBPAGE, it just instructions for a fucking character that you paid shit loads of money to, and not to mention slower than my commodore 64 mining a bitcoin. if I'm going to learn js, I want to make a webpage. how many fucking js recruiters are going to ask if you can make an app code.org's app lab??? fucking none. if we're going to learn how pictures are encoded, CAN WE ENCODE A FUCKING PICTURE? jpg, png, bmp, I DON'T CARE. but the fact that we have to set a delimeter and then type a 64x64 image in binary makes me want to die, but it's also USELESS.

- in the entire networking unit, they focused more on their goddamn animations over their actual EXPLANATIONS

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    The problem is that the curriculum isn't meant for you, and the people implementing it haven't paid attention to that. Code.org isn't meant to teach you code, it's meant to get people who wouldn't otherwise be interested in it to dip their toes into it so they'll get curious on their own. It's far from perfect, but you're just in the wrong curriculum
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    lol, those ane some heavily useless tasks.

    i know exactly that from school.

    im the only dev, im the only one to know everything before stuff gets thaught (excjpt in chemistry i suck at that)....

    and. well. the tasks are very tedious.
    dunno what our teacher wont from un, but their ever so long homework dont help anyone...

    thin escalated quickly.... it was intended to be another example to useless homework :P
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