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I am truly thankful to be a programmer for it is the only job on Earth where doing mistakes is the profession itself.

Think about it. We make more mistakes than other professions on DAILY basis. If a doctor miss a step during a diagnosis or an operation, a fucking human being might die. Engineers, lawyers, teachers you name it. They are not allowed to make mistakes.

Us? We are earning money from other people for all the hours we spent fixing the mistakes which we made in the first place.

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    You can't make mistake once you have made something or given it to other. If mistake is fixed before anyone's notice then it's not a mistake.

    And in programming it's a great thing a layman can't figure out our mistakes.
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    Say that to those programmers who are writing program for Tesla car, guided missiles, space crafts etc.
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    @AnonymousDev I am pretty sure they are writing bugs and fixing them everyday. No?
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    @mrlinnth what I'm saying is for a programmer also it's sometime life or death matter not just for doctors and others.
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