“Huddles don't work in safari 🤡,” Slack said.
Develop → User Agent → Google Chrome.
Boom, huddles suddenly work in Safari, and my today's huddle went absolutely fine.

Yep, I switched to Safari as my default browser. Previously, I didn't use it solely because YouTube's full-screen mode acted weird, but now I quit watching YouTube altogether.

Safari is a stellar browser. First, it wipes the floor with everything, even including Thorium, in the performance department (on Apple Silicon at least). Second, it's really beautiful with its new inline tab panel, where you have just one line of icons on top, instead of having two (tabs and url bar). DevTools are amazing. It can also connect to my iPhone's Safari via Wi-Fi and inspect the opened page — a must-have for heavy layouts. Plus, if my website works fine in Safari, it sure as hell will work fine everywhere. Safari is a great hack detector, as it won't tolerate dirty hacks. Works wonders for your code discipline.

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    Safari is the new Internet Explorer.
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    @koes Safari is the last bastion of web standards diversity. Microsoft's own web engine is no more, so if Safari disappears, Google will quit WhatWG and say “I'm the law”. Firefox, being sponsored by Google, won't be able to do much alone. And we all know where it'll go from there. We're talking measures to abolish anti-ad and anti-tracking code baked into the JS itself. Google having complete control over anything is already a bad idea, let alone controlling the entirety of JS.

    But this won't happen because Apple won't budge. Even if you think Safari is terrible, we still need it to ensure the open web.
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    @kiki I don't disagree with you, but I do think their developers should do a better job. Safari on iOS (or any browser really because of the forced Apple policies) is even worse. Long live Firefox.
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    @koes I had access to all the browsers in the world. I even tried exotic ones like nyxt and surf. Safari won for me fair and square. Firefox rules, especially their resistFingerprinting spoofing that is crazy good, but on M1 Safari wins in speed. Firefox should do better job optimizing performance to win me back
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    @koes oh, I almost forgot! Since I moved to Safari, I stopped seeing captchas all over the web. It seems like Safari is so rarely used by scrapers and bad actors that you having Safari means you're legit. Yet another benefit I didn't see coming
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    @kiki Firefox is headed by Canonical. There is little difference between Chromium and Safari since both are forks of the webkit rendering engine. Firefox uses a completely different engine, Gecko. Firefox actually is the "diversity" you're looking for. Not Safari.
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    @koes Apple nerfs Safari on purpose so that they can force developers to develop apps for iOS that will need to be delivered through the Appstore, thus ensuring they make 30% on every app purchase. If Google and Firefox allowed that kind of thing in browsers, Safari would be just as good.
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    @AniruddhaOffl Firefox is not a part of the economic diversity I'm looking for. If Google cuts FF funding, it will be tough for FF. But Google don't have the same kind of leverage over Apple.

    About apps… yeah, Apple nerfs Safari soooo much, to the point they introduce new powerful PWA features other browsers lack. They even allow browser extensions, controlling flags & remote debugging in iOS Safari.
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    @kiki You're gonna talk about Apple's PWA support not even a week after they removed PWA for all users in the EU?
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