Why do people can't take 5 seconds to do a null check in 99% of the cases ?

"Oh I just assume it cannot be null"

Right, still take fucking 5 seconds to check it.

So tired looking at logs and seeing thousands of "nullpointerexception".

You can literally use it wuith "?" propagation

"But I defined in my coe that variable is never null using c# nullability!"

yeah moron, it makes compilator happy. It does not garanty that your variable will be not null. It wiull throw exception !

Damn.... If I die, my hell will be full of null pionters.

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    Non-nullable reference types in C# only exist because there is a team somewhere whose job it is to add new features to C#.
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    Wait, c# non nullable references can be null? What kind of dogshit is this?

    So glad that I use Swift where non-null actually means that it is 100% guaranteed to be not null. And nullables are required to be checked for null.
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    I go to Reddit....
    "I don't want to check for nulls"

    I go to devRant....
    "I don't want to check for nulls"

    I have a bad feeling about today!
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    @Lensflare I do not use Swift, but if allows any kind of reflexion coding, thatn it can NEVER garanty non-null, like ever.
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    @C0D4 My point is , dev should take 5 seconds to write :

    var a = objA?.PropertyB?.Id ?? <whatever>

    instead of

    var a = objA.PropertyB.Id
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    @NoToJavaScript I wasn't having a dig at you, I just came from the same argument else where and found it funny, in the "I'm going to get fucked by a null today ain't I" kind of way.

    I agree, if you're working with nulls, protect yourself from them.
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    @NoToJavaScript you are wrong. It has reflection and it’s still impossible for non nulls to be null. Because it has a proper type system and is designed that way from the beginning. C# did add it very late in its development.
    In Swift, nullability is something you add to a type, not the other way around.
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    @Lensflare yes. It will throw exception if non nullable is somehow is null.

    That's my point, it doesn't garanti that you will recive object non null, it juste autopate exception
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