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    Oh, you're back. How's Wagner doing?
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    @electrineer How's cokehead zelensky and ukraine doing? How euro bros doing inflation? How how how
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    That answer sounds like Wagner is not doing well. How sad.
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    Yo Jassole, go easy on our illiterate grandpa @electrineer. Guy can barely read and form two correct sentences.
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    @SidTheITGuy sounds about right. Dude came barging in without completely random comment, lmao. I forgot I am suppose to care about head of a mercenary group, which with or without are RF, is still kicking ass.

    That validates one thing. Electrineer life must be very depressing, lmao for him to remember years old conversion. I have travelled quite a bit in that time. xD
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    @electrineer wen ukro nazi counterOffenzieve ? wen? Wen avdiivka back to ukr? wen...

    only talk and talk, no walk to walk.....
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