* Teams meeting, doing some early testing with the client *

Dev Team: This is an early build, so please be aware that bugs can occur at this stage. (That's why we didn't want to show it but you insisted)

Client: Sure, don't worry.

* 15 minutes later, first bug happens because some state management at the front end was not tunned yet *

Client: Can you solve this bug?

Dev Team: Sure, just let us replicate it and we come back to you as soon as...

Client: Can you solve it now?

Dev Team: ... Okay, let us ser whats happening and we will come ba...

Client: You don't need to hang up, just solve it.

*Dev Team internal chat*

Me: Fuck
Other dev: Fuck
My leader at the time: Fuuuuuck

PS: This happened in two separate occasions. I hated that project.

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    I'm actually surprised that it took 15 mins for the first bug to appear.

    Also, this scenario is exactly why I send videos of the demo to my clients.
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    Time for some live debugging with screen share!
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    I mean, to an extent you can’t really complain. You stated up front there might be bugs, and yet you still said yes when they latched onto the first bug and asked if you could resolve it.
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    @Lensflare neat way to feel judged by everyone
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    this is where you flex by opening up the editor and amazing them with your haxker skills until they fall asleep and never have another meeting like that again
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    @jestdotty open intellij, start the "anime intro song compilation playlist" and probably everyone just hangs up the call.
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