My dad used to write DbaseII programs for the Marines in the 80s (logistics officer, was moving the batallion’s local copy of maintenance records to digital in parallel with the mandatory file card system), then went on to manage enterprise-level software development programs as a government contractor when he got out, so he has a pretty good sense of what goes on in my small, 1-man web shop, and has even advised on best practices at times. Mom knows the basics from years of observation.

Recently my dad also became a business partner in a venture we’re working on launching, so for that particular project he has a *very*clear idea of what goes on and where things are at.

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    My father in law also wrote dbase for the marines, sadly he got stuck to clipper afterwards and found no job shortly before his pansion.

    Also its great that you and your dad can spend so much time together my father died when i was young and miss our coding time on the Commodore VIC 20
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    @Hammster I remember my dad showing me how to use a Commodore 128 we’d been given. Definitely a magical experience. Loved those old machines.
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