Pro tip: if you wear a full face mask with a BiPap, do not start puking in your sleep.

Glad my body apparently decided to nope the hell out as soon as I started aspirating, but it was still a singularly unpleasant experience I hope never to repeat.

Thankful to still be alive.

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    So do you suggest puking in your sleep with a half mask on, then? :)
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    @electrineer 😂 Preferably no mask. You don’t know pain until you’ve had pressurized vomit down your windpipe.

    I am going to be so not amused if this is the origin story of how I develop pneumonia.
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    This is still a better love story than @b2plane 's shit stories.
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    For me swallowing vomit feels like swallowing lava! And I think I need to get tested for sleep apnea myself
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