aw yea, don’t you love it when they cancel the programming section of the computer science gcse and change around the course while you’re 3/4 of the way through it


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    @okee yea its not ideal, also thx
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    Yes you are lucky, I had no opportunity to do programming in education until college. ICT was the closest thing but so painful. I got excited when we was told we have to make a website, I was excited because at the very least I'd get to do some HTML, CSS and perhaps a little JavaScript. Wrong, we had to create our website in Microsoft publisher, yes that is a thing and the websites would only run in IE.
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    @Wozza365 now that doesnt sound much fun

    gcse ict is still a thing, but cs is the more popular one to be chosen
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    I’m just hoping it isn’t reduced to 0%. I was planning on doing well for the NEA so I didn’t get too stressed when the exams happen, guess thats not happening :/.
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    @JoshSCF yeah. The good thing now is that college and university computer science/computing courses will no longer need to be taught from 0 experience. My first year at uni was mostly C# basics and stuff like hexadecimal. But I'd already done that stuff at college so it was pointless for me. Now these courses can be much more advanced as they can assume experience from school level. Heck, even primary schools are using scratch on raspberry pis as part of their curriculum!
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    i just hope that fergus will be able to get his quiz without our help
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