I hate that the general consensus to the solution of “themes” has been exclusively dark/ light.

Not only does this make it future un-proof in case “light blue” becomes a common style choice, but it already fucks up TODAY when considering high contrast themes!

Who made this shaky system the agreed standard!?

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    i mean to be fair, it's far better than nothing, and if i remember correctly, Android has some stuff going, to define software based on some selected theme colors. But the rest needs to tag along sooner or later, and i'm pretty sure, that won't be that big of a deal, since for differentiating between light and dark most software needs to be prepared for themes anyways.

    But yeah, the development of more granular controls on that stuff is and will be interesting in the future
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    you are mistaken. the solution of themes is not "dark/light".

    the solution of themes is "dark".

    anything else is an abomination.
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    the solution is amoled black only.
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    Dark/light is often called a color theme but conceptually it’s not about colors, it’s about lighting.
    The classical color themes are dead.
    Every app and website has its own color palette and it sticks to it in light and dark theme. The colors are part of the CI and app identity and recognizability.
    The purpose of light/dark theme is not to customize the style of the app, it’s to adapt to the lighting conditions of your environment (location and daytime).

    Once you understand that, dark theme elitism becomes obviously stupid.
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    I see it as 'more suitable in the DARK' and 'more suitable in the LIGHT' rather than light/dark themes.

    Devrant app's dark theme isn't black fwiw. The app authors can implement wtv themes they like, not just limit themselves to dark/light.
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    color themes are gone because the smallest set of switches that's useful for a11y is far too large for anyone to ever actually make a 3rd party theme.
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    Luckily an increasing number of apps are available on the web where you can use usercss
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    @tosensei @joewilliams007 ooooh

    Darkest DARK
    Midnight DARK
    Solarized DARK
    Obsidian DARK
    LinuxTerminal DARK
    Adwaita DARK

    The list goes on and on and on and on and ...
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