So Bitcoin just went above $10,000USD today, even though I'm a late bloomer to get on the trend, what would be the best go ahead for investing into Bitcoin, in regards to creating a Wallet and buying trading with Bitcoin

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    And I'd wait until the next dip. I expected it to dip before 10k but I was wrong, that's when I was going to invest. Consider other currencies too. Many growing bigger than bitcoin
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    My $5 has turned into $40

    I am happy.
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    @ThatDude because you didn't invest rationally, nor had a plan. This is how people burn their money and whales get fatter every day
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    Only use local wallets, with multisig if possible, avoid web wallets.

    Review 9472858 times every piece of software and platform you use, do a ton of research before even moving a penny.

    Take your time, learn what you're doing and why, and act rationally. The market isn't running anywhere, it's always there, ready to eat your money.

    And finally, trust no one. Never forget that. You are entering the Wild West. Good luck
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