When dogecoin went out, I was a little curious kid. I knew small to nothing about cryptocurrencies, so I started mining some for the lulz on my shitty laptop. Holy fuck no one was using and mining this shit, so I was earning 500-600 DC by night. I did it for a few weeks, let the miner running when I was at highschool.

I stopped after one month since its value was inferior to the used electricity cost.

From time to time, I remember about this story about a 70000+ dogecoins, and I instantly want to chop my balls off and put some super strength bleach on the wounds while slapping myself with spiky plants.

I lost the wallet.

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    Be that as it may... 70000 at that price is a bit over 140 dollars. I once lost my jacket containing 200£. It's a bummer but not a disaster.
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