Never seen anything more cringy than the "hacking" scenes in the new Fast and Furious movie... -.-

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    Yeaps, they are real hackers. They don't need thousands of servers to hack password.
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    I'll just leave this here: https://youtu.be/1Y2zo0JN2HE
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    I can't figure out what's more cringe worthy "gods eye" or the bullshit they pulled on this movie
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    @jckimble Both complete eachother and create the ultimate cringe source.
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    @busuu just hack hack 😁
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    How about those crappy "hacking" scenes from italian TV series such as "Squadra Antimafia"? My god, the cringe 🙄
    I normally don't even watch TV, I hate it so bad, I'm just forced to watch it at lunch and at dinner because of my parents... Help me plz. -_-"
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