So today my colleague is installing new dependency to our react native project and do something cool with it.

Him: I already push it in new branch and make a pr, would you review and merge it to master.
Me: ok let me try first.
Me: it is not working, i get this error.
Him: try change these xxx in xcode.
Me: ok, wait.
Me: now I get this error
Him: hmm... Try 'react-native link xxxx'
Me: ok
Me: I get same error like first error.
Him: now try 'react-native unlink xxxx'
Me: hmm... Wait.
Me: I still get same error, what's wrong?
Him: I don't know, it's working in my mechine .

*Me 'git reset - - hard' and try to build again.
**After building

Me: hey it's working after I git reset lol.
Him: nice
Me: let me clone it and try 1 more time.

*after cloning and building
Me: I still get same error like 1st error hahaha.
Him: so try to 'react-native link xxx' again.
Me: OKkK
Me: still get same error
Him: try git reset and build again
Me: hmm
*after git reset and build again
Me: I still get same error. I think the correct steps is :
1. Clone
2. Do something in xcode
3. React native link
4. React native unlink
5. Git reset - - hard
6. Build

I can't stop laughing 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

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