Just refactored this only for the sake of my eyes..

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    Nice job, but why the seemingly useless variable assignment?
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    @anroven you're right, changed it!
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    @aktane the final result is practically one line
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    Shouldn't you keep that first if statement?
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    @shellbug I could, but the reducer has a default initial state to be an empty array, so it is not necessary
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    @DiegoCaceres oh, cool. I didn't notice the redux tag. I guess that's a selector then?
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    @shellbug yes! That's it :)
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    Nice refactor! 😎
    But it depends on the length of the array.
    After all last i've checked the for-loop has the best performance than all the other loops.

    Also assuming the browser will automatically choose the for-loop, there is still the case in which the object 'list.allIds' is not an array and subsequently the code will fail.
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