Both the FAT32 and ISO9660 file systems have a 4 GB file size limitation due to storing file sizes as a 32-bit integer. However, the developers of ISO9660 had an idea that the geniusheads at Microsoft failed to think of.

ISO 9660, the first widely used file system on optical discs, bypasses its own 4 GB file size limit by supporting multiple entries for the same file! So a 12 GB file can be represented as three entries for the same file name.

This is what future-proofing looks like.
If only Microsoft had had (sic.) this idea for FAT32 (and FAT16).

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    the better idea would've been to just adopt ext4
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    @tosensei Indeed, but ext4 is from the late 2000s. FAT is from the 1980s, as far as I am aware.

    Microsoft says they "love Linux". Hmmm… not enough to support the file system of Linux, apparently.
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