I need help, I found this diagram in the arduino advanced starter guide and it's made me question everything. What is the point of this 5v red wire? As far as I can see it's not connected to anything and meaningless or is there some important thing I'm overlooking?

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    @irene Agreed, the only thing I can think of is that the connector is in the middle of the button, but that's weird...
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    Thank you! I was sure the wire was 1 pin too far right but was scared it was some weird arduino thing that I should pay attention to.
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    I also think that it should be moved one slot to the left
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    The diagram makes it look like the pushbutton has three pins, which is just wrong. Even if you leave the red wire out, it wont be right, since you'd have the button in series with 10k to ground (seen from the microcontroller's input)

    Either connect the button directly to ground, without the 10k, and use the controller's internal pullup or connect it to 5 V and add a pull-down. It looks like the latter was intended here, but the yellow wire is attached to the wrong pin. The red on should be where the yellow is now.
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    It looks weird indeed, if it would've been something like a HALL sensor that have +, GND and DATA pins... But I mean, there does exist three pin pushbuttons... Not wired like these tough iirc
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