I know i signed a contract that prevents me from doing anything bad to the company I’m currently working at but… Hypothetically, in how much trouble would i be if i, let’s say, leak a bunch of passwords or credentials to some websites or servers?
Like would i be arrested? Would i have to pay a fine? Anyone who ever did such a thing?

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    Most likely nothing bad would happen to the company, but HR would somehow find out and come after you with a massive dildo.
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    username checks out
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    you'll probably get fined, because HR and unit manager won't stop gunning for you ☠️
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    At best it is sabotage. At worst, if the company does work for government, could be espionage. So could be jail time. If it costs the company or customers money they could come after you civilly as well. Even if they cannot prove a crime they could drain your money as you defend yourself in court.

    Just find another place to work.
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    It's that kind of nonsense is why my password has to be 12+ characters, mix of upper-case, numbers, special symbols, changed every 3 months, and I can't repeat/reuse a password for 24 password changes.
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