I thought this launch (security/privacy blog) would go smooth:
- analytics fell, except for one thing, apart for yet unknown reasons
- MySQL came with a very weird error which took me like half an hour of research before I hacked my way past it.
- the firewall started to fuck around for no reason, works now though.

Nginx worked without issues though, as well as NetData 😅

Yeah, didn't go as planned :P

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    Where did you use mysql in the mix? also what happened to the analytics, thought you wanted it to be as simple as possible via just counted rows in redis or smth. 😅
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    @JoshBent MySQL is used for individual blog item hits. Only a unique id, timestamp and the article requested are saved.

    Anonymous analytics has a counter for visits, browser and operating system hits, nothing more than a counter.
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    no matter what do not deploy on Friday, remember that rule :P
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    @gitpush It was Thursday 😅
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    @linuxxx talking about today :P
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    @linuxxx couldnt that have been all be done one row per hit/visit, even without incremented values:

    uniq-id, blog-post-id, browser, os, timestamp

    and then for..
    - .. visits per blogpost "X": select and count from database where the blog-post-id is "X"
    - total visits is just the sum of all rows
    - total visits this month, week, .. just range select the timestamps
    - most used browser/os is just a counted grouped select
    - etc.
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    @JoshBent In case the site would become very busy I thought a simple redis counter would be the best option :)
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    @gitpush Looking forward to deploying tonight 😅
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    @linuxxx you mean looking forward for a sleepless night :p
    but lets be honest, the feeling of having a personal project which gets attention of good amount of users is for sure worth staying up all night to finish it
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    I know out of scope, but @AlexDeLarge been missing for couple of days, haven't seen him rant ...
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