This is both creepy and useful at the same time.

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    It's not creepy at all, all it does is search your emails for dates and times and sets reminders. What's creepy is that having location history turned on, on your Google account let's it track your exact location at exact times and it creates a timeline of every single place you been to. How long it took you to get there and how you got there and how long you stayed at the location. Kind of fucked up. I disabled my location ever since and now I always lose connectivity to GPS when navigation unless I turn location history back on. So you're basically forced to give Google your location otherwise good luck travelling.
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    Cronjobs? 😓
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    Even if you have Cronjobs / Scheduled Tasks, LetsEncrypt still sends you an email near to the expiry date
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    @coolboole thats from 2k15
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    @Fionn153 I came here specifically to comment that. ❤
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    @px06 i have used that to my advantage a couple of times as proof
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