Going on a new job interview later this week. Am I stupid for feeling bad possibly having to quit my current job? Feel like they did a bad investment if I quit after just a couple of months, and that I just cost them money 😕😞

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    capitalism: you sell your workforce to the highest bidder. So nothing to feel bad about.
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    Hey, I'm in the same position (even though I won't be having an interview yet). I'm not really liking this here, so I'm seriously thinking about leaving... but I'm scared I'll feel bad or something might go wrong...
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    @magicdoe I feel ya. I think a part of why I feel somewhat "bad" is that I actually like it here. But I know I won't dislike it at the new place(got several friends working there) and holy amazeballs, I'm looking at earning between 800-900 bucks more every month... Seems like a stupid move not to take it(since I propably will be offered a job), just because I feel bad for a minor economic backslash to my current employeer :/
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    @sonywalk Same, I'm not sure on how much I would be receiving or anything but, I would be getting more than in here, for sure. Yeah I like it too here, even though I think I'm kinda being abused because I'm receiving like a lot less than what I should be receiving. They promised us things in the contract that did not and will not happen. It's a lot of red flags, and my gut tells me (and told me since day one) that I should leave.
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