"Programs implemented while high contain more bugs and take longer to write (p < 0.05) --- a small to medium effect (0.22 ≤ d ≤ 0.44). We also did not find any evidence that high programmers generate more divergent solutions." He et al. at ICSE 2024.

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    high me finds it easier to do boring activities though
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    Drunk me writes good code - my degree, Et Al.
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    I've had some *interesting* ideas while stoned out of my fucking mind. I can never finish their implementation, but the wild thoughts are fun.
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    I haven’t tried coding while high. Honestly only because I don’t have access, as it’s crazy illegal here.

    But drunk Root is much less stabby, and much more okay with boring tasks (which is like all I do now). Meetings are also easier, too, because I feel silly, talkative, and no longer give a crap. … and that makes it really hard not to make jokes, which usually land me in a meeting with HR for offending some hypersensitive landwhale cunt. Oh well~. That just means more drunk Root to put up with that, too.
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    I've coded while merry, but not sloshed on multiple occasions and it's a reasonably good state to be in for the ideas to flow. But not so good for quality - write drunk, edit sober is very much applicable.
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