debian @ work ;]

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    Я, още няк'ви българи тука. Здрасти :D
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    Don’t tell Ed Bassmaster!
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    @kamen Привет
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    Did you know?

    It took quite a time to reproduce a genuine, vector equivalent of Debian logo from scratch, because it was a very particular brush with certain parameters in Adobe Illustrator. Fast forward to today and you can create stunning things with Inkscape. But this particular pattern? No.
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    @vintprox The Debian logo, created with an Adobe product? Blasphemy.
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    The work results are very solid.
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    @vintprox What could've been the reason not to design the original as a vector? There were vector graphics editors back then too.
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    @kamen It was created in vector editor, but author was not requested SVG or alike nor did he think about branding beyond some desktop wallpaper/web icon. Dude's gone or something, so few enthusiasts had to scratch heads to make the vector one.
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