Microsoft support: "Your antivirus software is causing problems with the memory management."

Me: "I use Windows defender"

Microsoft support: "Oh..."

Me: 🙃

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    "Oh... We thought everyone would have disabled that by now..."
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    Reminds me of the guy that downloaded Chrome in the middle of the Microsoft panel because Edge kept crashing.
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    @coolq haha nope 😂😂 I had a different antivirus software, but I removed it because it was resource hungry af
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    After trying to do that update again (and after I had a bluescreen several times again), windows not only broke its own installation but also destroyed my cmos ram (or the whole bios)... I don't know how it has done that, but my PC seems to be dead at the moment (not even getting my keyboard to turn on)
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    Wow, that's crazy!

    I can already tell what your next rant will be...
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    @ng1905 your mobo might have an option to reflash UEFI. Have you checked that out?
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    @flag0 I found out that the mainboard decides that the ram is faulty after an amount of time... After taking one of the two sticks out and putting it back in, the PC starts perfectly. Thank you for the idea; I flashed the bios with a new version just now... Will post here when I can confirm if it worked :)
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    Bios flash worked, but only after I reinstalled windows... The update seems to have crashed both BIOS chips (my board has dual bios with one of them for backup)... I really wonder how it has done that, but it's working fine now :)
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    Haha, how much defending does it actually do?
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    Haha, it's the art of seemingly being online all the time >:)
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