YouTube API is an absolute joke. Reached the goddamn quota limit while integrating live chat and streaming. Pathetic.

Literally gave me like 6 API calls before rate limiting me.

About to scrap this integration.

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    What the fuck did you do, the rate limit is 10,000 daily
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    @AlgoRythm multiple users polled for data.
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    @gagan-suie seems like whatever your integration is needs to be scaled back or cached. The free API limit is pretty standard and permissive.
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    NewPipe does something better with youtube

    NewPipe works by fetching the required data from the official API (e.g. PeerTube) of the service you're using. If the official API is restricted (e.g. YouTube) for our purposes, or is proprietary, the app parses the website or uses an internal API instead. This means that you don't need an account on any service to use NewPipe.
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    @electrineer super cool!! But it doesn't have live chat api. 😣
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