I've been doing it in my whole life!!

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    @aki237 my mirror has it too!! xD
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    I have not seen that application for the longest time it’s nostalgic, and I feel old because of it.
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    This reminds me of my childhood (because of Windows Live Messenger)
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    sudo talk to me!
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    I had to give up talking to myself because, on the one hand I'm a very bad listener and, on the other, I'm a phenomenally boring conversationalist - so it usually ended in a fight and then we wouldn't speak to each other for days.
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    I never understood why some programs explicitly disable this feature. It's useful!
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    WTF? Even FB Messenger let's you talk with yourself!
    *Linkin Park - Talking To Myself starts playing*
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    Try the Empire Earth multiplayer lobby chat: You're not only able to talk to yourself but also whisper to yourself and ignore yourself! Best chat experience so far =D
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    Fine! I'll just email myself instead.
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