What kind of genius pulls the power cable of the main server through the PSU lever of an old useless server?
I had to pull out the PSU and let it hang on the powercord just to be able to pull the old ugly bastard out... fucking genius, really!

Now I have to wait until the evening to shut down the main server and remove the hangman PSU.
I just really fucking hope and pray that restarting the main server will not cause errors. It has been on for 2 years and never been updated since then.

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    Honestly I feel like not restarting or updating a server for 2 years is a way bigger problem then having an old PSU dangling on the power cord, which doesn't mean that this is not a problem.
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    A hacksaw should get through that lever no problem. Maybe a Dremel in worst case.

    You might consider backing up a snapshot of your production server before restart. I personally use Veeam, it's saved my bacon multiple times.
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    aaaaan on a Friday night, best of luck :|
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    Thanks @MaxMustermann @DasSeahawks @gitpush !
    I decided to postpone it to tomorrow, saving a snapshot is a good idea...

    If only HDDs were not that slow... 🙈
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    @PonySlaystation you did the best thing there , best of luck :D
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