Okay, so most of the backend stuff is done: the parser, VM and assembler can be considered in working state. Now I only need to combine these bytecode files I'm outputting to enable including and-- FUCK. I HAVE TO WRITE A LINKER.

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    You making a language? Is it on github?
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    @retoor Yes and yes https://github.com/Liebranca/..., but it's mixed in a pile of deprecated code that I can't delete yet because it's compiling my entire toolchain and the replacement isn't ready.

    It's broken down into pieces because else I'd get lost.

    - `sys/rd` parser and preprocessor

    - `sys/A9M` a virtual machine to run the bytecode

    - `sys/ipret` an assembler that doubles as an interpreter, soon to triple as linker ;>

    Apologies that the code is 60 columns but I can't see shit so I need space to make the font bigger.
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    @Liebranca wow, you're a genius. In perl ffs 😂
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    @retoor It's ridiculous! All I was doing at first was generate makefiles, I had like fifteen of them and was tired of updating them individually, so I cooked up a script to do it for me.

    WELL, it got a *little* bit out of control, and long story short, now the entire codebase depends on skynet. Oops.

    Luckily, it's actually pretty fast. But what I'm likely to do over the next year is slowly move the performance critical bits to compiled code. That's __one__ thing I need the language for ;>
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    @jestdotty I don't know. Probably. But if I can't achieve recognition, I will at least be outrageous.
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    @jestdotty Plot twist: I'm unemployed!
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    @jestdotty Officially, all I got was an internship in "tech support" for a crappy government plan over a decade ago because my grades were terrible; I spent the check on a concert ticket to see Robert Plant.

    Other than that, odd jobs. Cooking, baking bread, cleaning, washing dishes. I busked at one point, people seem to really like my music, but it didn't pay for shit.

    Now I'm living in mom's attic, having no life outside of writing code every fucking day, in hopes that this will eventually help me land a better job to cover our medical bills. No luck yet.
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