I know it's not recommended to write git commit messages in past tense, but it makes more sense to me to use it. Maybe I'll change as I grow and learn more in the programmer world, but as for now, I'm going to be a rebel and ignore convention😎

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    Trust me.. it would be hard to do the proper later than to do it now... it will be a habit and once you felt it you will never go back ;)
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    It's simple
    Just remember last time you reverted changes every time you commit
    Than you will realize that it's not "Fixed that shit" but a "probably fix for that shit"
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    I see it as a message for what the commited code does. So "Add resource management.", for example, makes perfect sense.
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    I always follow this way of writing commit messages "This commit should {x}", really makes it easy to create messages in the same fashion.
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    @Frio @marthulu @rostopira @rui725 Thank you guys. From your comments, I think it now makes more sense to use the conventional way. I didn't know that when I said, "maybe I'll change as I grow and learn...." the change would come the next day😂😂
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