I've been in the programming world for like a year and a half. I've had relatively notable achievements - first place at hackathons, completed kinda remarkable projects, I even got to teach programming to interns at a leading communications company in my country. However, I still feel like a beginner. I'm not confident enough to contribute to projects. Maybe it's because I'm self taught, but is this common? When did you feel like you were ready to proceed to the next level?

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    If you’re really just one and a half year into programming, and already teaching, winning hackathons and such, you have accomplished a lot! Congrats, Respect. 🎈

    Maybe you underestimate yourself?
    Don’t do that, but be aware that learning never stops.
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    I'm self taught and I feel like a beginner, people say I'm actually getting quite good, but I still feel like a noob.

    I think @spky put it quite well.
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    @Bitwise Never have I seen someone use the wrong 'your' so many times in a single answer.
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    @Bitwise Ah okay, you can't glide over the e? Anyway I don't mean to be too harsh, it's just a thing I notice xD
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    @Bitwise Wow, I'm not going to tell you what to use man but it seems like that keyboard is failing at the one thing it's designed to do xD
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    @time2code Just a few small games.
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    I forgot who said this. Maybe Wes Bos? Feel like someone older. Anyway. Don't worry about trying to gauge your own skill level, hiring managers will do that. They'll give you the job they think you're ready for, whether or not you see that in yourself. So my advice is stay humble, keep learning, and apply to stuff that might seem way above your skill level. Someone else might think that's exactly your skill level, so worry about what someone experienced thinks, not how you feel about a given position.
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    I can truly relate to your situation @BlackCoderGirl as I 'm also relatively new in this industry. I guess it all boils down to confidence and being able to take on a challenge as it is part of a learning curve. As @spky said "...learning never stops", especially in this industry. All the very best in your coding endeavours and definitely keep
    on growing yourself😊
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