There’s a very small crossover between “programming problems I need solved” and “programming problems ChatGPT can solve”. I’ve tried maybe 10 times and got a good answer possibly once of those ten.

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    Once out of 20 for me….thats being nice. Chat gpt has been crappy for my needs
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    Without chatGPT I would've never known how far a default Dutch mosquito can see (10-15 meters)
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    If you start another category “problems that GPT can solve with minimal grooming” the intersection will will be even smaller 🫠
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    ChatGPT isn't for code, so it's terrible, there's no fixing that.

    GitHub Copilot is marginally better, but there's the legalities of what it spits out is commercially licensed code.

    Codeium I've had the most success with, it's not great, but it's a step up from the others, you can influence it with context easily enough.
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    same here. But I just started learning programming
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    10% is a pretty big number for this
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    More important to me is that most code people write with LLMs should not be written, and instead an abstraction should be developed for it.
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    @C0D4 im checking out codium then. AI tools can be a damn lifesaver bc i can focus on the more creative aspects
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    The tech of AI is overhyped. Now everyone is trying to use it in inappropriate places.

    It causes a lot of time waste.
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    Chatgpt only works if u already know the answer and thus know how to exactly formulate the question lol
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