No fuck off we don't need a team meeting about it.

We shouldn't need to go in front of a panel to begin with, let us get on with our job and let us automate the shit so sprint planning wouldn't be so difficult

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    There are "meetings" (one person at a time says stuff and the others may or may not say anything) and there are "working together meetings", where people are doing stuff and sometimes talking, while producing the same thing in the end.
    I've been in quite productive "working together" crisis rooms where a QA, a data analyst, a SRE and some devs are all pushing into production or live-solving a major bug or something.
    However.... for management, the talk *is* the product.
    Thus they just yap and yap as if issues could get solved just by everyone listening someone talk about the issue.
    There is a fine balance here. Sometimes all that is needed is for the right person to hear the right words (think "this service account needs permission to access the production database").
    The remaining 99% ot the time it's just some control freak feeling impotent and wanting to centralize every decision and thought line on him, in order to feel some semblance of control.
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    @fruitfcker The great thing about remote working is that whilst the bureaucratic circle jerk is in progress on one screen (muted), you can get on with fixing the problem on the other screen.

    I know it's immature but the feeling of superiority from actually fixing something whilst management are still deciding who's going to be in charge of trying to fix it, is bloody brilliant.
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