So everyone at the company I work for is getting a new machine before Christmas

Since I do a bunch of backend development and devops stuff (despite actually being hired as an Android developer), I requested that my machine use Linux, since that's what the servers run

Windows was the fallback OS I requested, since it's what I'm most familiar with

The machine that I will probably get will be a Mac

Stay tuned for further updates to this most thrilling of tales

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    I feel so guilty ruining your solid 1K...
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    If you've never had a personal linux-like machine, get a headstart with some dotfiles. See github for that

    You'll do fine, the macbooks is Apple's most "open" product
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    Envy your office 🤤

    // not because of Mac
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    I think it is a quite good tradeoff...
    Stable OS with a usable GUI and a Unix-shell...
    What do you still need ?

    I love home brew 🍺
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    For reference I'm currently using an ancient Macbook (with a tiny screen) with a crappie Apple monitor as a second screen (monitors were apparently bought second-hand about 7yrs ago), so literally any upgrade that I get will be an improvement (8GB RAM really isn't enough to run a couple of Docker containers and a few IDEs, along with admittedly-too-many Chrome tabs lol)
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    @wildebeest Didn't know about the dotfiles project thing, thanks :)
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    You can install Linux on macbooks :)
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    I honestly didn't like Macs until I started using it. It's like a Linux you can't change stuff on. Made me more productive I think
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    @linuxxx The Macs would be leased not bought though, so I'm not sure if there are any restrictions on screwing around with the OS
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    @Ezard Hmm idk about that one either...
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