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    What bands?
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    Blind Guardian, Helloween, Avantasia, Edguy, DragonForce, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, (some)Kamelot, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call...the list goes on and on!
    I also branch off into folk/Viking/symphonic metal.
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    @RememberMe Yes yes yes yes yes all of these! 💖

    Might I recommend Rhapsody, Nightwish, and Ayreon as well? And Van Canto!
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    @shellbug apart from the typical ones, I'm really digging the new unleash the archers record. It's one of those albums I can listen to for days without growing tired of it. I strongly recommend it
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    Battlebeast is great too.
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    @Root Rhapsody, Ayreon, and Nightwish are all ❤️
    Nightwish in particular!
    Haven't encountered Van Canto yet, will listen, thanks.
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    My favourite is Symphony X. I can't get enough of their progressive power metal style.
    I also like Epica, Iced Earth, Powerwolf, Primal Fear, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call, Nightwish, and so many more I can't even remember right now.
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    @shellbug Symphony X!
    Damn, it's so nice to see other people with similar tastes.
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    @RememberMe Fucking love gamma ray. Funny enough, I was looking up “gamma ray” glasses on amazon and accidentally came across the self titled album. Looked it up on YouTube and been hooked since. 🤘🏿
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    @RememberMe Coincidentally a song of theirs was playing on the background when I read your comment.
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    Way to start a conversation. Just took two words
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    Why can't you people be my coworkers? 😢
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    @Root because then there would be no reason for devrant's existence. 😁

    Van Canto is amazing btw.
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    My girlfriend picked me up from work today and was she blasting on the car speakers?
    Fucking Powerwolf! 🤘🤘
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    @shellbug many of their covers are better than the originals

    • Rebellion
    • Kings of metal
    • Bards song (okay, not quite. But it's almost as good!)
    • Master of Puppets

    🖤 Van Canto

    Also: soo envious. 🙁
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